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(edit) @187   5 years bs MTD Nand driver added.
(edit) @186   5 years bs bug fixed.
(edit) @185   5 years bs Phone ring-delay bug fixed.
(edit) @184   5 years bs froyo SD bug fixed.
(edit) @183   5 years bs A2SD is added.
(edit) @182   5 years bs SEC_DEBUG memory bug fixed.
(edit) @181   5 years bs Recharge condition Voltige set from 4050mV to 4060mV Not to drain below …
(edit) @180   5 years bs Logging turned off.
(edit) @179   5 years bs Reserved Memory set correctly for UI part too.
(edit) @178   5 years bs Compass calibration bug fixed.
(edit) @177   5 years bs logging turned off.
(edit) @176   5 years bs IRQF_DISABLE on shared irq bug fixed.
(edit) @174   5 years bs Modifications for beta3.
(edit) @173   5 years bs Sound Repair, some level set, all the MICs works now.
(edit) @172   5 years marc Added bootlogo. Contact marc if you want to know how to change it.
(edit) @171   6 years bs Sensor modifications for the upcomming New Beta Compiled Froyo All the …
(edit) @166   6 years bs Some improvements.
(edit) @165   6 years bs Bug fixed.
(edit) @164   6 years bs Marc's modification for m910 froyo.
(edit) @163   6 years bs The ADC diver is not loaded now. The TS driver handle the ADC and no more …
(edit) @162   6 years bs Marc's modifications for m910 froyo.
(edit) @161   6 years bs OmniaII has USB_SEL gpio, code added.
(edit) @160   6 years bs Modified for m910 Now all the 7 Omia sensors works well both in …
(edit) @159   6 years bs OmniaII battery introduced.
(edit) @158   6 years phj RTC difference handing, alarms
(edit) @157   6 years bs Light, magnetic and proximity sensors added.
(edit) @155   6 years bs DMA-PL080 implemented.
(edit) @154   6 years bs SOL DMA exchanged with PL080.
(edit) @153   6 years bs Debug messages turned off.
(edit) @152   6 years bs DMA PL080 implemented to work WIFI.
(edit) @151   6 years phj O2 libertas - spec regs and wireless ext.…
(edit) @150   6 years marc Memory changed for camera(UI) and 3d.
(edit) @149   6 years marc Add camera
(edit) @132   6 years marc Camera changes.
(edit) @131   6 years bs Fixes.
(edit) @130   6 years bs SPI driver for WIFI added.
(edit) @129   6 years bs Sound fixed, FM radio pathes add.
(edit) @128   6 years bs Accel sensor added.
(edit) @127   6 years phj re-implement timer hierarchy and using PWM timer 3,4 instead of 2,4
(edit) @123   6 years bs Battery bug fixed.
(edit) @121   6 years bs 1st android bootable version Sound, usb, adb, battery added. basic I2C …
(edit) @120   6 years phj Sandor's initial patches from 2.6.29
(edit) @119   6 years phj RTC year and localtime
(add) @118   6 years phj M910 2.6.32 original kernel
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