Welcome in the Omnia2 Android report System !

This site is for help to Android port to the Omnia 2.


First beta of Froyo ready. Current status:

  • Phone
  • WiFi?
  • GPS
  • Data connections (GPRS)
  • Sensors (not everything is working: accelerometer can work, but compass not)
  • 2D/3D (Samsung not allowed to us to distribute the 2D/3D library binaries, so they are not included in the image)
  • MP4/3GP movie play (camera hardware button doesn't work yet)
  • Camera in photo (up to 5MP) and movie recording mode (it's still not true 480p, but recording works)


First camera commit:

Current bugs/lack of implementation:

*There is a problem with the camera/gps initialization --> lead to init delay.

*Currently there is no EXIF data written, I have already started implementing this. This also causes that the image is not rotated afterwards.

*Currently changing resolution is not supported. Only VGA preview size, standard fps, and 3MP shooting is supported.

*Flash is set to off,have to implement android torch/off/auto mode.

*A lot of changes are possible to make, but the driver doesnt remember them all yet when actually capturing.

*Camera recording mode is not supported because the android has now problems with hardware encoding.

*I have not tested yet if the power regulator of the camera properly shuts off (and causes unnecesary drain).

*the postview data is not correct

Only the driver is now submitted, the modified, I will send to the teammembers to try out instead of posting it here.

Without an obvious reason depending on my build sometimes the camera fails with an error message "Index 1 -> Init Failed!", I have still find out why, if you have this problem, please report this to me. Seems to have to do with gpio, latest kernel + module work now.


  • Accelerometer and magnitic sensor orientation corrected, full interface implemented to the akmd2 service to handling the orientation - now the screen autorotate,etc works in Android. In addition to use the newest kernel must implement in the init.rc the followings:
    service akmd2 /system/bin/akmd2
  • Also make a symlink in /system/hw: ln -s
  • Additionally to use the automatic backlight feature add to init.rc (on init section) the following line:
      write /sys/class/lightsensor/switch_cmd/lightsensor_file_cmd 1


  • Proximity sensor driver added. Light sensor driver is also in place.
  • Started work on android sensors support.


  • Corrected bugs in display driver, FIMD4x, made end_call button work. Striping lines still occur after sleeping/resuming, this is due to the resume/suspend mechanisme, the display driver is ok. Observed bug of not booting correctly without usb charger connected (before my patches). Implemented TS calibration, should be possible to pass a calibration file contents via kernel parameters. Have to test this out though.


  • Sleep problem after the first one solved, alarm when sleep also working now. The battery show 100% anyhow when fully charged - even if this is not true...


  • Battery nocharge, timer-after-sleep problem seems to be solved, domain gate off time increased for 2D/3D.


  • SVN update. There was a missing setting in the SVN config, blocking the anonymous SVN access, corrected.... Keep in mind the the img repository not synced with the beta yet!


  • Beta update. Please re-download and reinstall. New version corrects problems when installing updates from o2bupdate.tar.gz files.



  • Until now the WIFI was working, but because the wrong antenna selection (there is no interface to set it) needed an exteremely strong signal (30dB attenuation). From the iPhone linux code we can transfer some mysterious register setting in the Marwell chip resulting a very good sensitivity, so the WIFI is fully working!


  • Changing the sleep mode to use just the IDLE state (instead of SLEEP which completely switch off the processor and modules ) the unit wake up or RTC interrupt in every 113 seconds- and go back to sleep without any errors. Not what we want, but better than nothing.


  • The filesystem image changed, based on the latest 6500 and Samdroid, it works well now. The kernel have a blocking issue: after the sleep there is no resume... maybe the GPIO initializations bad. The sensors interface also must implement somehow...


  • Beta 1 quite ready. Phone init done by external script at startup - but there is some problem with the Phone application yet, so no call. The ext2 image is a mix of the one almar produced and Samdroid ( both based on Spica) with the necessary modifications. Not throughly tested yet...


  • SVN and Trac started
  • Phone chip -- Majority of the code works, but auto setup fail, PIN code not accepted, moreover the phone seems to using a CDMA network
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